The Experience


“It’s not just poms…it’s the experience.”

The C2 Experience.

C2 is our shortcut way of saying that we are Caring and Competitive at the same time! We show are caring ways by how we treat each other at practice. We believe in the power of positivity and provide an atmosphere reflecting this. We walk the walk and talk the talk continually trying to make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

We also work hard to dance well to bring routines to competitions. This is our C2 Spirit! We believe so strongly in this we even have a logo of a heart with C2 inside of the heart right on our uniforms!

Competition Experience.

Bringing our girls and their Poms, Kick, and/or Hip Hop routines to a dance competition is for the experience. We use attending competitions for a chance to show off our hard work, to allow the girls the experience of performing for an audience and as a discovery process, to see how we are doing.

Just before our competition season begins take our older teams to an awesome overnight dance camp experience with Just For Kix,where our team bonding begins in college dorm rooms!  During our season we strive to give our girls a broad and enjoyable experience and select competitions which are exciting, fun, and close to home. We compete with Illinois Recreational Cheer Association events and qualified all three teams for State Competition last year! We also bring our teams to a KAR dance competition and, new this year, will bring our Senior team to UDA.

The purpose of competition for us at Premier, is the experience. We love to admire and cheer for others as they show their hard work too. We are the purple team that is often found really cheering on the other teams leaving many perplexed as they don’t see sportsmanship like ours in action too often. This is what we do. We are Caring and Competitive.

Heart Adventures.

At Premier we love to give back! When we do we call it going on a Heart Adventure. We feel like our hearts take flight when we care for others. Some of our Heart Adventures are performance opportunities for special groups or our community. Some of our Heart Adventures are actual service work. We love it and we do it because we care. Our girls are not required to participate in our Heart Adventures because they usually take place on the weekends. Most of our girls do, because besides earning service hours, they enjoy serving with their teammates. This special bond is evident on and off the competition floor.