Our Teams




Offering a balanced program, our teams are divided by age, not ability.

We believe in the positive influence of developing age appropriate relationships and dance routines.

We believe that the responsibility, respect, and positive attitude which PREMIER POMS EXPERIENCE encourages

through our many encounters will carry our girls far beyond our program.

The Purple Team

Age:  2nd – 5th Grade

Styles We Teach: Traditional Poms and Hip hop

This may be the Purple aged girl’s first experience with dance, to be a part of a team, or to perform in public. We are excited to be able to inspire each girl to feel that they can do what they set their mind to. Together our purple team spends their practice time learning choreography and focusing on team bonding too. We participate in “Clubhouse” which is our Premier version of team bonding. We teach with a positive approach to accomplish the learned choreography to allow each girl to be the best that she can be.

The Platinum Team

Age:  6th – 8th Grade

Styles We Teach:  Traditional Poms, Hip Hop, Kickline

Our middle school girls take it to the next level, when they start out their season with a 4 day/3night Badgerette dance camp in late July. This sets the tone for the new season of camaraderie and excitement. While dance experience is not required, minimal competency is needed and evaluated in the spring evaluation and team formation clinics. We also focus on inclusion and reinforce frequently the importance of being kind to self and others.

The Senior Team

Age: 9th-12th Grade

Styles We Teach: Traditional Poms, Hip Hop, Kickline and Dance Technique

Our Senior team inspires our younger teams with their commitment and compassion for the sport and each other. This team also begins their season with Badgerette camp; however, the Senior girls can challenge their individual talents by auditioning for dance tours at camp for trips to NYC and Hollywood. They return from camp with a dedication to their team and inspiration to better themselves all season long. The practice schedule of our Senior team allows them to balance the academic pressures of high school today while enjoying the benefits of team membership. This team doesn’t encompass girls from just one school but different high schools to provide a wider friendship circle that continues long after the season ends.


Age:  K-2nd Grade

Styles We Teach:  Intro to Dance and Poms

Our newest addition to Premier Poms Experience is the offering of our Pixie Class. We look forward to introducing our youngest friends to this exciting class. What girl doesn’t love to shake her POMS?